Fernando Martinez Relanzon was born in 1974 and was the first member of the fith generation of a family devoted to wine. Being the grandson of the spanish winemakers president and European gold nose was not easy to match its predecessors, but it was a good and constantly incentive.

Fernando studied agricultural engineering at the Polytechnic of Valencia; agronomists specializing in viticulture at the University of Castilla La Mancha; title of winemaker; master in enology and viticulture by UNESCO .... All this wide education was the prelude of the great expert winemaker he is nowdays, being totally dedicated to his passion, the wine.
He has worked in the harvest of the family winery since childhood, winemaker pawn with his father in his teens and winemaker cellars in his youth in Pago of Vera Estenas or cellar Aranleon Oria. Dedicated to vineyards research in the IVIA (The Valencian Institute of Agrarian Research) was how he founded his own winery in La Portera, Requena in 2005.

Our winemaker's father, Fernando Martínez Roda, was the creator of the first great valencian Crianza wine and from him inherited apart from the name the love for wine and the things well done. From the huge figure of his tireless grandfather, Francisco Martínez Bermell, inherited the three secrets of one wine cellar, cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. And if we go back to the founder of this family of winemakers, Fernando takes in his blood the global spirit of this woman advanced in her time, which in the nineteenth century exported wine to other continents like Africa.
Currently Fernando is the winemaker of Winery and vineyards Ladron de Lunas, formed by a great team who have collected the teachings of this family, capturing this knowledge in wines from Nicolas line, and completing with this fresh, hopeful and great work of Bisila´s line, which represents the values of solidarity and commitment , values also firmly shared by this winery .