Everything started in 1830 with a landowner called Andrés (Andrew), although everybody used to call him The Marquis, since his father was one. They lived in Requena and Andrés, although he had an older brother named Philip, he was the one who inheritated a large estate where they lived at least five families engaged in the vineyard. Andrés had a son named Nicolás (Nicholas) who was almost 17 years old when he start to chase crazily a beautiful girl; she was the daugther of the Mayor of the village,who represented the opposite political side compare with the Marquis, so Nicolás father forbid him to see the girl.

Despite the hard situation, Nicolás, with his non-conformist character, he loved to get away during the night, with deserted and dark streets, and visit his love without being recognized or noticed. Some aged people when they saw him in the street at night with the moonlight, they though he was a ghost coming to take their doomed souls away.
With all this happening in the village, brawls and conflicts started to come out, and finally the Marquis decided to sell all his crops to a winemaker, who was planning to develope and produce large quantities of wine. Nicolas thought that they should elaborate and take care of the wine production by themselves. Actually, among several other good skills, Nicolás was a wine lover, he had studied winemaking, going three summers to Bordeaux (France) where he learned many secrets of wine in a famous chateau. He wasnt able to understand why his father was wasting and dont taking advantage of his wine knoledge and let him apply that to the vineyards and improve the quality of the grapes and get a better wine in instead of the vulgar and ordinary one they were producing and selling at that time.
He was totally convinced that the grapes they cultivated in their fields could get a wine that would have been the envy of many other winemakers. So Nicolás, taking advantage of the situation, he took a delicate and risky decision and built under his house one small wine cellar where he elaborated wine, hidden from the eyes of the world and also having nothing to do with the wine they were already producing. The nights without moon was when he used to treate the grapes like a ghost going around the fields

The fear came upon all the population in the moonless nights and they start to nickname him the phantom who steals moons. The Mayor dictated one edict to give rewards and increase the power to stop the thief, while the Marquis could not bear to be the victim of all robberies, and was convinced that it was a ruse of the mayor to mock at their expense. So he organized a group of men, equipped with shotguns, and placed them in the moonless nights in a corner called Angel.
Nicolás that night was specially happy; Elvira, the Mayor´s daughter, had promissed him that will give him the coveted kiss he was specting for so long. So he got ready to walk around with his disguise, wrapped up in his cloak, and with the sweetness in his mouth of the great wine he produced and made him so proud, he started to walk towards Angel Street.
The men that were garding the corner of Street angel, when they saw the gost coming, they cut his way and attacked him with their shotguns! It was the end of the ghost they thought, until they discovered that was indeed the end of Nicolás, the Marquis son…When Andrew, the elder son of the Marquis, brought the news to his father, he was devastated and heartbroken, and decided to stay in his room , going out only for the funeral of his son. He saw many people that day, but he put his eyes on Elvira, the woman that his son loved that much; he was able to see through her eyes that she was shattered, with a heart without life or passion; she also felt the same for his son and that made the Marquis feel even worst.
After twenty days, a house worker reported the Marquis the discovery of a carved deep in a cave, under the floor of the house; then the Marquis noticed for the first time his son winery. The wine would have remind him his son blood, and he refused to go, until one day when he went there and saw a large hole dug in a room and inside twelve clay pots with wine, the best wine he had ever tasted. After that day, he promissed himself he will keep producing the wine exaclty in the same way as his son did, and they have been doing that for five generation, until nowadays, calling the wine with the name of his creator, the marquis son, Nicolás, the thief, the MOONS THIEF (LADRÓN DE LUNAS in spanish).